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Unagi Yondaime Kikukawa

A Michelin listed Unagi specialized restarant
Owned and operated by long-established Unagi wholesaler Nakasho
Since 1912.


Business Information

Michelin listed Unagi specialized restaurant

Yondaime “The Fourth Generation” Kikukawa, owned and operated by long-established Unagi wholesaler Nakasho since 1912.

“Mekiki” The Connoisseur of Unagi.

Thorough commitment to ingredients that can only be achieved by having a solid connoisseur of a long-established Unagi wholesaler

Honestly, and honestly

We grill our Unagi in open kitchen, in front of our customers.

Signature Unagi Menu


2 Best ways to enjoy Unagi, “Ippon Unagi” and “Hitsumabushi”.
“Ippon” means one whole, serving as it is. “Hitsumabushi”, enjoy Unagi with dashi broth soup.

The Yondaime, 4th Generation


Chef Kikukawa Yuhei
Yondaime, fourth generation family head of Nakasho Shoten Ltd (wholesaler of unagi for over 90 years) and the owner of Unagi restaurants in Japan.

Yuhei started cooking unagi when he was only 12 years old. 
Since then, Yuhei has been committed to practice Unagi connoisseurs and cooking through all his life.


Only one “Crisp, Fluff and Melt” Unagi 


1. Cooking only begins after orders.
The best way to enjoy Unagi is serving right after fillet and grill it.

Our freshly grilled Unagi is delightfully crisp on the outside with capturing traditional Japanese "umami" inside and the meat is tender and fluffy.

Unagi Yondaime Kikukawa prepare and cook Unagi with cook-to-order style to serve  The Freshest Unagi which “melt in your mouth”.


2. Connoisseur of Unagi, based on history

We only serve The best Unagi, The best quality, size and thickness, 
As Unagi connoisseur based on the experience of Unagi wholesaler, supplying to many famous Unagi restaurants for over 90 years.

We always select the most suitable Unagi for “kabayaki”, charcoal grill by carefully selecting ingredients without compromising.
To serve The Best Unagi dish to our customers.



3. Extra large Unagi
Our extra large Unagi weighing about 300g, chosen from the texture we believe the best.
This larger than the common one, the meat is thick enough not shrinking even grill well the outside and it has right amount of fat to withstand the strong fire of Bincho charcoal.
That is why our Unagi chef can grill Unagi perfectly crispy the outside to seal 100% of Umami inside of its tender meat.

This is the reason of the only one taste and texture of “Crisp, Fluff and Melt”.

Michelin Listed


Global gate outlet is listed on Michelin guide.

Quote from the Michelin guide:
"An Unagi restaurant run by a long-established unagi wholesaler.
Their unagi is large and thick.
The unagi meat does not shrink and a moderate amount of fat remains with baked slowly over high heat.
The signature dish is "Ipponju", which is a whole unagi placed on top of rice.
Unagi skewer set is served with liver head and  neck with skewered, you can enjoy unagi to the fullest."

*Translated by Yondaime Kikukawa

Why "Yondaime Kikukawa" Franchise? 
6 Reasons


1. Genuine taste based on its long history
As in previous section, Yondaime Kikukawa is owned and operated by long-established unagi wholesaler.


2. Great track record in Japan and Singapore
Expanded to 22 restaurants in just 4 years from the beginning of restaurant business because of its quality and taste and won Michelin. 

3. Less competitor
Unagi is one of the most popular Japanese food and much less competitors than Sushi, Ramen and Tempura.


4. Well experienced training team
The team has opened 22 outlet in Japan and also opened in Singapore. The training team is well experienced to start up new restaurant so you can trust and rely. 

5. Suitable for delivery and take away
Unagi is enjoyed with delivery not only dine in for hundreds  years in Japan. Yondaime Kikukawa also has great menus for delivery and take away.

6. It's secret!

The last and the biggest Yondaime Kikukawa's advantage is secret.

We can only tell upon request.

22 Fine Unagi Restaurants in Japan


1 restaurant in Singapore


Board Member

iOS の画像 (3).jpg

Kikukawa Yuhei
CEO of mum Holdings Co., Ltd. And
Nakasho Co., Ltd.

Succeeded The Unagi wholesale business from his father which has 90 years history, as the fourth generation “Yondaime”.
And incorporated the business in 2011.
Since then Kikukawa grew up to 3 billion JPY annual group sales.
Aiming to expand into Asia with the main restaurant brands "Unagi Yondaime Kikukawa


iOS の画像 (5).jpg

Abe Shogo
CEO of Passion Geeks Co., Ltd.
Abe has been in the F&B business since he was a teenager and experienced as a manager.
Had a great skill of customer service that enhances sales sqf and customer satisfaction.
In 2015, lead the outlet in charge to "the highest sales per sqf" in Japan.
Appointed as CEO of Passion Geeks Co., Ltd. which operates restaurants as a subsidiary company of mum Holdings Co., Ltd. in 2021.

iOS の画像 (1).jpg

Suzuki Kimiaki
CFO of Passion Geeks Co., Ltd.

Former assistant certified accountant.
After operating an IT-related business company
Participated in Passion Geeks in 2017
Engaged in group financial accounting.

iOS の画像 (4).jpg
iOS の画像.jpg

Kojima Koji
General Manager of Overseas Business Development Dpt.
Engaged in management, new store openings and HR development of "Unagi Yondaime Kikukawa".
Kojima went to Singapore alone to set up the first Unagi Yondaime Kikukawa overseas outlet, and led to a popular store with annual sales of 300 million yen.

Kiso Kenjiro
Audit & Supervisory Board Member of mum Holdings Co., Ltd.
As a listing preparation work, he is involved in the construction of internal control, regulation construction, legal compliance system, etc.
In his previous job, he managed 100 stores as a director of Kaihan Co., Ltd. and led the company to listing.

Yondaime Kikukawa on Youtube

Yondaime Kikukawa Franchise

Available locations

  • Any location

Operating locations

  • Japan

  • Singapore

  • Opening soon in Hong Kong

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