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Menya Kanae Hokkaido Ramen

Menya Kanae Hokkaido Ramen serves authentic Hokkaido Miso-Tonkotsu ramen and variety of side menus

Franchise details

Brand information

Menya Kanae serves authentic Hokkaido Miso-Tonkotsu Ramen and Signature Big Ebi Prawn Ramen.

Simple cooking and systematic operation.

Why "Menya Kanae"? 
3 Reasons

1. Signature Hokkaido prawn ramen  

Menya Kanae's signature "Ebi Prawn Ramen" has only one taste.

Combining the rich and creamy notes of Japanese-style pork bone ramen broth fortified with the aromatic blend of grinded big prawns, lobster bisque to create Kanae's signature aromatic and luscious Ebi broth for our Ebi ramen.

Brought to life through a rigorous process and months of experimentation with hundreds of different ingredients.


2. Menu development 

Menya Kanae serves not only traditional Miso-Tonkotsu ramen but also creates ramen menu with sea food which reminds Hokkaido.

Their sea food ramen with Prawn, Crab is getting very popular among ramen heads and it makes difference from other ramen brands.


3. Systematic cooking process  

Menya Kanae's cooking process is very systematic.

No need well trained chef in Kanae's kitchen.

You can serve authentic Hokkaido ramen just heat up soup receiving from central kitchen.


Available locations

  • Any country

Operating locations

  • Japan

  • Singapore

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