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Minokin Unagi

Unagi eels specialized restaurant
Own and operate 2 outlets in Japan

Franchise details

Brand information

"Minokane" its origins back to a Japanese restaurant established in Gifu in 1987, benefiting from the pristine waters of the Kiso Sanzu River that nurtures high-quality eel.

We uphold the founder's vision of wanting people to savor high-quality eels as part of their everyday dining experience.

Over the years, we have explored how to make eel taste its best. 

Why "Minokin Unagi" franchise? 
3 Reasons

1. Fresh, high quality Unagi eels  

We constantly seek the highest quality eel by selecting and sourcing it through our unique channels at the right times. Minokane's eel is typically larger in size than what is served in typical eel restaurants, with a thick, well-marbled flesh that is rich in flavor compared to the approximately 200 grams usually served. Furthermore, we consistently collaborate with eel farmers from various regions, engaging in trial and error to nurture even better eel, and we are committed to ongoing efforts in this regard.

2. Specially made Japanese sauce "Tare" 

Since our establishment, we have been using a soy sauce based on ancient traditional methods, enriched with pure rice sake to create a rich and profound flavor. We continually refine the sauce by analyzing its salt concentration and sugar content, ensuring it complements the Mino Jiyaki grilling process to perfection. During the grilling over high-temperature binchotan charcoal, the eel is repeatedly soaked in this secret sauce, creating a unique depth and umami by combining the eel's fat with the smoky essence of charcoal.

3. Special way of grill  

The infusion of sauce into the eel is determined by the degree of grilling and the intensity of the heat. This judgment is highly intricate, and Minokane's eel artisans rely on their experience and intuition to grill the eel. By meticulously removing excess oil and slow, steady grilling, a technique known as "Mino Jiyaki," the flavor of the eel is concentrated. This method imparts a smoky aroma from the binchotan charcoal, while the natural sweetness of the finest soy sauce and pure rice sake creates a caramelized, fragrant essence. The surface becomes crispy and crunchy, while the interior retains a soft and fluffy texture.

Available locations

  • Any location except below "Operating locations"!

Operating locations

  • Japan

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