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Kabakin Franchise

Kabakin is "Buta-don" pork rice bowl specialized brand.
Using premium Japan pork grill with charcoal.

Franchise details

Brand information

Kabakin is a restaurant in Akihabara, Tokyo, which boasts pork dishes, mainly pork bowls.

You can enjoy the harmony of homemade kabayaki and the rice "Hatsushimo rice" from Gifu prefecture, which is made from carefully selected Bincho charcoal.

Why "#ricesando tokyo" franchise? 
3 Reasons

1. Premium Japanese Pork   

Herb Sangen pork suitable for kabayaki!
By feeding a feed containing herbs (extracts from oregano, thyme, and cinnamon bark) for 60 days, the odor peculiar to pork is suppressed, and the pork has a good fragrance and increased umami and richness.

Pork is more nutritious than beef, rich in vitamin B1 and a strong ally for fatigue recovery.


2. Secret Salty-sweet sauce  

The secret sauce that the chef is proud of!
The sweet and spicy sauce, which is reminiscent of eel kabayaki, is enhanced by charcoal fire.

Excellent compatibility with sweet and spicy sauce, charcoal-grilled pork, and Hatsushimo rice from Gifu prefecture.


3. Strong signature menu & simple menu

Far-infrared effect of Tosa Bincho charcoal firmly traps the umami component of the meat and bake it softly.

This Premium pork + Secret sauce + Charcoal high heat makes signature "Butadon" makes special.


Available locations

  • Any location except below "Operating locations"!

Operating locations

  • Japan

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