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Gyushige Japanese BBQ Franchise

Gyushige Japanese BBQ operates 100 outlets in Tokyo.
Expanding business in USA, Hong Kong and China

Franchise details

Brand information

Gyushige Japanese BBQ serving good quality beef for "Yakiniku" for 33 years from the year Gyushige establised 1988 in Tokyo. 

Now Gyushige expanding their business in USA, Vietnam, Hong Kong and China.

Why "Gyushige Japanese BBQ"? 
3 Reasons

1. Customer cooks!   

At Gyushige, Customer cooks their meal by themselves.
This creates not only unique customer experience but also…
-Less kitchen staff
-Less kitchen training
-Less taste vary

2. Wide variety of menu  

All the ingredients supplied with packed single serving and sliced.
No need cooking in kitchen and no need

3. Wide target customer 

Everyone loves beef! Gyushige, Beef main menu attracts wide range of customers from children, young to elder people and suits any occasion, family dinner, dates for couple or good lunch for business person.

Available locations

  • Any location except below Operation locations

  • Contact us! the availability of USA and China

Operating locations

  • Japan

  • USA

  • Hong Kong

  • China

  • Vietnam

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