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Tendon Kohaku Franchise

A Bowl of Supremacy.
Tendon, Tempura on rice bowl brand in Tokyo

Franchise details

Brand information

Tendon Kohaku is Tokyo based "Tendon", Various types of tempura with authentic Japanese salty sweet sauce on rice bowl.

Tendon Kohaku is famous with carefully chosen ingredients and their special Tendon sauce and also their unique "mountain style" tendon look.

Why "Tendon Kohaku" Franchise? 
3 Reasons

1. Strong Signature dish  

Kohaku's signature tendon comes with large prawns and premium chicken, lavishly added with squid, crab stick, shiitake mushroom, young corn, pumpkin and bean. Enjoy the sumptuous delicacy of authentic tendon featuring seafood, meat and vegetables striking a healthy balance. The pleasant texture of crisply fried tempura, perfected with the “secret amber-colored sauce”, engages your appetite till the bowl is empty.

Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi rice, a perfect company for tempura, is characterized by delicious stickiness and texture that tastes good even after cooled.

2. Great truck record outside of Japan  

There is long queueing of customers always at Tendon Kohaku Singapore outlet.

And having great success in Canada, Philippines and in Malaysia too, not only their homeground, Tokyo Japan.

3. Menu Creation 

Tendon Kohaku has its strong signature bowl,


But also regulary create seasonal menu.

Customer never gets bored and always keep brand fresh!


Available locations

  • Any location except below "Operating locations"!

Operating locations

  • Japan

  • Canada

  • Malaysia

  • Philippines

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