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Sakai Coffee Franchise

Sakai Coffee is famous for their fruffy pancake and Japan influenced western dishes.
Operates 30 outlets in Japan.

Franchise details

Brand information

We are proud of our uniquely blended coffee and fluffy pancakes that are carefully baked one by one. We offer an original menu that goes beyond the level of a coffee shop, where you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes at any time of the day, including morning.

Why "Sakai Coffee" franchise? 
3 Reasons

1. Super fruffy Pancake   

Trying to be a No.1 Fruffy Pancake in the world!

We are proud of our pancakes, which are carefully baked one by one after receiving an order.
Offers amazing thickness and amazing fluffy texture


2. Japanese influenced Western dishes  

Signature menu from the founding.

"Napolitan", the representative of classic Japanese cafe menu.

The most popular reason is the chewy thick noodles and hot eggs finished with special ketchup.


3. Premium Coffee 

The special "Sakai Blend Coffee" is made by roasting 4 types of 100% Arabica beans for a long time.
After finishing to city roast, it is blended with an exquisite combination that makes each characteristic most alive. The best balance of aroma, richness, acidity and bitterness spreads in your mouth.


Available locations

  • Any location except below "Operating locations"!

Operating locations

  • Japan

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