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Kineya Don Don Tei Franchise

“Kineya Don Don Tei”, Donburi Rice Bowl specialized restaurant since 1988.

Franchise details

Brand information

Founded in 1967, we pioneered in chain udon restaurant business “KINEYA” featuring our DASHI-based soup prepared with meticulous attention to detail. Following “KINEYA” and “GOURMET” sandwich restaurant businesses, as the third pillar of GOURMET KINEYA Group, “Kineya Don Don Tei”, rice bowl specialized restaurant, was first launched in Abeno, Osaka, in November 1988. The shop started only with 14 seats at the bar in 26㎡ of floor space. Nowadays over 300 shops of our group restaurants are located nationwide in Japan.

Why "Kineya Don Don Tei"? 
3 Reasons

1. Menu development   

Kineya Don don tei has developed and serves a lot of menus along with its more than 30 years history.

And also developed special menus for USA and Hong Kong outlet to fit each market.

2. Special "Umami" sauce  

UMAMI plays an important role to the tastes of dishes, by bringing out characteristics of ingredients and deepening the flavor.
Variety of rice bowls are lined up on our menu, which are prepared with our secret sauce by the recipe of over 30 years and our special UMAMI DASHI-broth.

3. Affordable price  

Kineya Don Don Tei is not a "high end" Japanese restaurant.

More like "Everyday food" in Japan and in foreign countries.

Suitable for almost any market, locations in the world.


Available locations

  • Any location except below "Operating locations"!

Operating locations

  • Japan

  • USA

  • Hong Kong

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